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About Ira Sass

Ira Sass is a mid-twenties, queer, white, transmasculine, secular-raised jew from new england. He feels pretentious calling himself a writer and activist (as well as writing in third person) but is going to do it anyway. He enjoys eating burritos, single-parenting his crazy cat, and dancing to early ’90s jams.

Who am I as a Jew?

Remember when I started a blog? Probably not. But it’s a new calendar year, and while I don’t necessarily believe in resolutions, I do believe in intention. And one of my biggest intentions for how I want to spend my … Continue reading

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shiloh jolie-pitt and the gender police

can we talk about shiloh for a moment? yes, i do mean angelina jolie and brad pitt’s four-year-old, not that movie about the dog that made me cry as a kid. for months, celebrity gossip mags have been in an … Continue reading

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i didn’t mean for the first post to be about sex.

…or DID i? turns out today is national sexual freedom day, and the woodhull freedom foundation has announced a blog carnival in response. and carnivals (except for when they have to do with insane clown posse or projectile-vomiting cotton candy) … Continue reading

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storm warning: 100% chance of glitter.

welcome to CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF GLITTER, where i’ll be blogging about queer politics, race & class & gender, feminism, immigration, pop culture, and the random interactions i have on public transportation…all from the point of view of a … Continue reading

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